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The Silverline Trailer

Impressive 9.5m frontage , stage unit, with double glazed sliding patio doors .

: Climate control

: Kitchen area

: Lounge area

Headerboard : 3600 by 645 by 3mm thick.

Wings : 1120 by 2000 H inner wing,

1080 by 2000 H outer wing

Interior Display Boards

A 1170 by 940mm H

B 1170 by 940mm H

C 950 by 940mm H

ELECTRICS : This trailer comes with a 16 amp C/form 3 pin socket to connect to the mains supply

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Like for like ,we cannot beaton on price

just call for an instant quote.


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We will try and keep our costs as low as possible



All the trailers come with


: fire extinguisher

: first aid kit

: kettle

: 6 mugs


Health and Safety

As committed suppliers to the Exhibition Industry we are conscientiously aware of

Health & Safety and take our responsibilities seriously.

All staff employed will be trained on health & safety at pre show briefings and will observe all safety rules.

We will operate safely and responsibly in order to fulfil our obligations


Alex Tompkins Dip.Nebs

Cert. Management of Ind Health

Cert. Safety Management

What ever you want to do we will do it for you, whether it is a Roadshow a series of events going around the country or a one day County Show we attend all the major agriculture shows such as The Royal Highland Show, The Royal Welsh Show

Cereals Event,


The Silver trailer, 7ft 6in

headroom inside.


The Executive trailer, open fronted and welcoming.


The BIGGA trailer, 6m including the hitch,seperate kitchen.


The Comet exhibition trailer , ideal for town centres and retail parks.


The Advantage comes with 2 patio sets and flagpoles

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